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NATM Guidelines


Since its inception, NATM has worked to improve safety and reliability of the light and medium-duty trailer manufacturing industry through the promotion of acceptable, recognized manufacturing practices. It has done this through education and publication of the Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices for Light- and Medium-Duty Trailers (Guidelines).

This publication is a compilation of federal rules, regulations, standards and accepted industry standards and practices that govern trailer construction. The Guidelines are available free only to members of NATM, saving manufacturers days of research time on difficult-to-locate requirements. The Guidelines are reviewed and revised annually and are also available in a CD-rom version.

Guidelines Compliance Program

The Guidelines are the basis for the Compliance Program. That program evaluates the manufacturing processes of members that volunteer to undergo a Compliance Consultation by NATM. The consultation examines the manufacturer's process to assess whether it is designed to build trailers in accordance with applicable federal standards and regulations and accepted industry standards set forth in the Guidelines.