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Strongas steel


No moreramping


a panther, stealing through the grasses, eyes trained, stomach grazing the ground, muscles rippling.

Now imagine

a trailer that mimics this grace and brawn. It’s powerful but safe. Strong, but easy to use. It’s agile. Its bed lies flat against the ground or slopes at a gentle angle.

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Use Cases

Designed for you, the customer, this trailer fills several possible needs perfectly.

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Car Hauler

FlatTrak is especially helpful in loading and transporting cars. Specifically vehicles with low clearance. The hydraulic even raises enough to allow door clearance over the fenders so you will not need to climb out the windows.


Delivery Use

With the help of FlatTrak, pallet deliveries can be much more simple. A pallet jack can be used to load and unload with ease, making FlatTrak a perfect pallet delivery solution.


Transporting Motorcycles

FlatTrak makes loading and unloading motorcycles a breeze.


Stump Grinder

FlatTrak is great for loading equipment–especially equipment with low clearance.


Compact Roller

FlatTrak is capable of hauling a compact roller and makes loading and unloading easy.



FlatTrak is perfect for loading and unloading with the low clearance requirement of a typical forklift.


Scissors Lift

Scissors lift transportation becomes flat out easy with the help of a FlatTrak trailer.

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We used the prototype FlatTrak trailer to deliver over 500 one-ton pallets of coal this past winter. This trailer has been an extreme time saver and my delivery guys do not want to go through another busy coal delivery season without the FlatTrak.


What You’ll love about the FlatTrak

Agile as a cat

This agile cat’s hydraulic lift cylinders travel extra far. The bed lifts high, so high in fact that you won’t have trouble with the fenders interfering. Watch the FlatTrak get to work, stretching its lean frame to lie flat or lift high.

A smooth experience

Who doesn’t love a sleek ride? Each wheel of the FlatTrak has its own independent suspension adding a nice touch of smooth to your ride. You won’t look back.

Fender clearance for real

Do you enjoy parking in a tight space and being forced to squeeze out to avoid scratching the door? The FlatTrak’s hydraulic lift cylinders offer an increased bed height, giving your door a clear open over the trailer wheel fenders.

Life without loading head-aches

Whether you haul stump grinders, sweepers, man lifts, or compact rollers, or unload your trailers using forklifts or pallet jacks, a trailer that lies flat is wonderful news.

Toward the future

FlatTrak imagined. That wasn’t just one stage, that’s our mindset. At Belmont, we love to dream up new ways to improve what we make. Our products constantly evolve. FlatTrak is no exception. Stay tuned!

See Models Rent a FlatTrak